Phone Repair In Oklahoma City

When you need fast, professional iPhone repair services that won't break the bank, come to 911 Phone Repair. We do repairs from cracked and broken LCD screens to phone battery replacement services today and all kinds of different internal issues. Our trained technicians are adept and experienced at diagnosing and repairing all common repairs, from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 11Pro Max.
We’ll have things working again quickly and efficiently.

Screen protector OKC – Our specialty. We have offered this for 10 years. Field-tested and industry-standard, ours are the perfect balance of thinness-thickness for protection, without sacrificing any touch sensitivity. The maximum protection for a minimal cost!

Screen replacement-Whether you have cracked or shattered glass, a discolored LCD, or no image visible at all, we have the solution. Our technicians replace the broken glass with a beautiful replacement that has your phone looking like new again. Done in a very short time, while you wait or shop.

Water damage repair – While name-brand manufacturers and most phone repair services refuse to provide this, it’s our specialty, with proven results. We will clean your phone of debris and remove moisture. Should our work fail to produce, there is no cost to you.

Battery replacement – Like it or not, as batteries age, they lose power and become less effective. We will find you the most affordable replacement for your phone model. We can usually replace it on the spot, but should you have a more specialized need, we can supply it in 1-3 business days.

Camera replacement (front and back) – We all love taking our pics, making videos, and talking on faceTime. So when the camera malfunctions, we need a fix. At 911, we will evaluate and get an original replacement from the phone manufacturer, or if that is unavailable, an after-market replacement piece of comparable quality at an affordable price. Let us help you get back to using the phone you love to do the things you love!

Home and lock button repair - Whether from a dropped phone or wear-and-tear with time, when these buttons won't work, the whole iPhone experience comes to a halt. We will diagnose whether you just need a simple repair or replacement of the button(s). Let us save you the cost and worry!

Charge port repair/cleaning - If your phone isn't making the proper connection for a recharge, it may be as simple as needing a thorough external and internal cleaning. Occasionally the port may need replacing. We will diagnose and get the quickest and affordable solution for you.

Headphone jack replacement/cleaning - From simple cleaning to removal of a broken-off headphone stem to replacing the port itself if needed, 911 will determine the most cost-effective and practical solution for you. No more worries!

*Ear speaker replacement/cleaning - This is a common problem that occurs so slowly you often don't even realize how compromised your situation is. It may not be a bad network connection or the loss of your hearing - your phone's ear speaker may just need a good internal-external cleaning. Let us help. And should a defective speaker need to be replaced, we are ready to handle that for you.

*Loudspeaker replacement/cleaning - Sometimes the phone's external speaker has lost clarity or volume. If that's the case, we will first determine if it just needs a good intern-external cleaning. Should you require new parts, we can handle that for you, quick and cost-effective.

*Cellular antenna replacement - If you are struggling to stay connected, this may be the culprit. We will perform a free diagnosis for you and replace the antenna if it is damaged.

*Wifi antenna replacement - it could be this internal antenna has stopped working or lost reception capacity if you are having trouble staying on wifi. Bring it in for a free diagnosis by our technicians. If you need a new one, we can take care of it quickly and affordably, to get you connected again.

*Bluetooth antenna replacement - Since Bluetooth lets us transmit to other phone users and productivity devices, loss of this capacity can be crippling. Should your phone's internal antenna need adjusting or replacing, we can determine the need and help you get back to full usage.

*Microphone replacement/cleaning - Should people on the other end of your calls have trouble hearing you, it may be due to a faulty microphone. We can examine it and see if a thorough internal-external cleaning will take care of your problem, or get you fixed up with a new microphone. Either way, you save money by coming to 911.

Most repairs can be done while you wait or shop. Stop by and receive a free estimate on your iPhone repair services.