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No accessory on the market makes a bolder statement than the Apple Watch. At 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, we will keep you looking fly even when your Apple Watch breaks or needs a tune-up.

Everybody knows that Apple has the reputation of being the best, and its customers pay for that reputation. Unfortunately, even the best products on the market break down over time or need a little TLC. This is where we come in.

911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City regularly repairs all Apple Watch generations. That’s right, EVERY generation. This includes:

  • 1st Generation
  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • Series 4
  • Series 5
  • SE
  • Series 6
  • Series 7

The highly trained and experienced repair technicians at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City are familiar with the most common Apple Watch issues and repairs. If your Apple Watch has any of the following problems, bring it to us for a lightning-fast and free diagnostic. Did we mention FREE?

  • Cracked Glass – Nothing feels worse than purchasing a brand-new Apple Watch and then accidentally dropping it face down, only to pick it up and see that a nasty spiderweb of cracks has spread across your watch face. When it comes to Apple Watches, the type of glass they are equipped with varies depending on which model you own. Certain generations are outfitted with Ion-X glass which is more susceptible to cracking and shattering. More expensive, newer models use a unique sapphire crystal glass which is more durable but not 100% accident-proof. No matter which model of Apple Watch you bring to us, our technicians will rapidly diagnose the type of Glass and the extent of the damage for free. Glass-only repairs with 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City are faster and more affordable than sending the watch back to Apple.
  • Touch screen loses its touch? – Sometimes, the Apple Watch looks perfectly fine but is unresponsive to touch, making the product virtually useless. The technicians at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City know exactly how to fix this issue so that your Apple Watch does what you need it to do when you need it to do it.
  • Battery replacement – The average battery life for a fully functioning Apple Watch is about 18 hours. Is your Apple Watch dying way faster than that, even with a full charge? The odds are you are due for a new battery. 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City does fast, affordable battery replacement for all Apple Watch models.
  • OLED display – The OLED display is a top-of-the-line feature on Apple Watches. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes, and this technology is known for its superb image quality. There is a drawback, though. In some cases, OLED can cause burn-in. Burn-in occurs when the shadow of an image ( like your usual background display) remains on your Apple Watch screen long after you’ve swiped away from it. 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City’s repair techs are experts on OLED technology and will happily make that annoying burned-in imagery disappear or replace the OLED display itself.
  • Unread messages and missing notifications – Have you felt like someone is ghosting you, only for them to tell you later that they messaged you, but you never replied? Several people have reported a strange glitch on their Apple Watches where they are not receiving messages and notifications or receiving the messages on their iPhone. However, their Apple Watch still shows the messages are unread. This is an incredibly irritating issue that the repair technicians at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City can fix for you, so you don’t become “that” friend in the group thread who has no clue what’s going on.

No matter your Apple Watch issue, 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City has a speedy solution that doesn’t break the bank. Our free diagnostic ensures that you know what the problem is and how much it will cost without spending a dime when you bring your Apple Watch to us. We are incredibly confident that we offer the fastest and most affordable Apple Watch repairs in Oklahoma City.

In addition to our free consultation and diagnostic service, we offer consultation on all Android phones, iPad Repair, iPhone Repair, Samsung Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Xbox Repair and Cell Phone Repair with a 90-Day warranty that protects you on parts and labor!

One of Apple customers’ most significant issues with repairing Apple products is AppleCare itself. AppleCare’s standard warranty service is minimal, and AppleCare+ is extremely expensive. Not to mention that you need to purchase individual AppleCare+ insurance plans for EVERY Apple device you own. At 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, we take pride in providing 100% free diagnostics and swift repairs for several Apple Watch issues that AppleCare wouldn’t cover. Don’t hesitate! Drop your Apple Watch at 911 Phone Repair today. We’ll diagnose it for free, execute an affordable repair, and have it back on your wrist in no time! Contact us today!


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