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A broken phone disrupts your everyday life. Staying connected with family, making plans with friends, staying up-to-date on the latest news, or finalizing deals with clients – it’s all done through your mobile device.

At 911 Phone Repair, we understand the frustrations of having a broken device and are committed to offering customers fast, effective, and affordable solutions. No job is too big with over 30 years of combined experience between our team of certified technicians.


Cracked Screen

Don’t live with a broken screen. While many cracks appear to be nothing more than a cosmetic inconvenience, they will lead to further problems down the road such as impaired performance, increased risk of moisture damage, or unexpectedly malfunction.

Not all screen replacements are the same. Cheap, unreliable displays exist on the market and can cause more stress to the user than a broken display. 911 Phone Repair chooses the highest quality aftermarket and refurbished displays on the market ensuring you get the highest standard of quality at the most competitive price. Furthermore, a majority of display replacements can be replaced same-day with special orders available for Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola, and more.

According to Omoton, an estimated 5,761 cell phone displays are damaged every hour or in other words 50 million every year. One way to prevent from being added to those statistics is by pairing your device with a screen protector. Inexpensive and more convenient to replace than phone screens, screen protectors offer added protection against drops and impacts. 911 Phone Repair screen protectors offer the same durability for 30% less than name-brand competitors. Ask about a discounted screen protector when getting your phone screen replaced.

Speaker Issues

Audio issues are resolvable. Phones can experience audio issues for numerous reasons whether it be from drops, liquid damage, or dirt build-up. Other issues can stem from motherboard or chip damage. 911 Phone Repair can resolve your device’s audio issues. Whether it be a deep clean, speaker or microphone replacement, or motherboard repair – we can fix it.

Broken Buttons

Extensive use, dust particles, or outside elements can damage your phone’s external buttons. Broken or malfunctioning buttons are not only annoying but can also cause numerous issues with the device. Such issues include disabled audio or not being able to boot up the device. Our technicians can evaluate and restore your device’s functionality.

Water Damage

An estimated 39% of all damaged phones are a result of liquid damage to the interior of the device. 911 Phone Repair specializes in treating and mitigating liquid damage on mobile devices. If you suspect or have experienced liquid damage to your device: turn it off immediately. Inform one of our technicians that your device has come in contact with liquid so they can begin treatment and mitigation. Corrosive elements can also be treated well after liquid damage has occurred, so it may not be too late to restore a device’s functionality. Some components such as screens and batteries may be permanently damaged but can still be replaced if needed.

No Phone Signal

Intermittent or complete loss of cell signal could be a result of impact damage to antennas, liquid contact on connectors, or software-related issues. We can restore your phone’s signal with an antenna replacement, water damage treatment, or software diagnostic. We have the experience to troubleshoot all of your signal issues.

Weak or Dead Battery

Knowledge is Power. Battery degradation in mobile devices is unavoidable. Even taking battery-saving measures will not prevent the inevitable drop in overall battery capacity. Replacing your battery prolongs your device’s lifespan, restores peak performance, and reduces electronic waste. 911 Phone Repair exclusively uses factory-tested, zero count batteries with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications so you get a battery that will keep you running.

Three Common Cell Phone Issues You May Be Able To Fix on Your Own

If our cell phones suddenly start experiencing problems, we may want to rush out and find a repair service. But sometimes, there could be a simple solution and we can fix it ourselves. Some of the most common problems are:

Speakers Not Working

If your cell phone speakers have suddenly stopped working, it may not be the hardware. Sometimes, specific settings and faulty apps may stop your speakers from working. Here are a few things to check:

  • If your device is in headphone mode, it may lead to speakers not working. Rebooting the device may help you clear such setting issues.
  • Incorrect speaker settings, such as low volume, may trick you into thinking that the speakers are not working. Check your speaker settings.
  • Putting the phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode may also prevent the speaker from working correctly.

Performing a factory reset is the final method that may help you fix speaker issues if setting changes don’t work. Before you do that, consult our cell phone professionals. You could lose crucial data if you don’t have a backup as it will erase all the data from your phone.

Frequent Phone Freezing

A cell phone generally freezes because of two primary reasons: 1. Your device has overused RAM, or 2. Your phone has some malware applications. The following tricks may help you deal with freezing issues:

  • Frequently clearing cache data frees up some space, helping the device work faster.
  • Downloading apps from unauthorized sources risk the intrusion of harmful malware on your phone. Always download an app from Google Play Store only.
  • Avoid heavy graphic games if your phone has low RAM.
  • Make sure to update your phone OS and apps frequently.
  • Inspect your phone once a week and free up RAM space by deleting unnecessary files and data.

Freeing up RAM space and deleting suspicious apps may help you fix minor freezing issues with your device. The final step you can take is the factory reset if regular clean-up doesn’t work. Always consult with our reliable experts if the freezing issue is still there.

Phone Overheating

CPU, battery, and screen are the three primary things that contribute to heating your phone. Therefore, your phone generally heats up when you use it. However, frequently running heavy applications and HD videos for a long time may put extra pressure on the CPU and battery and cause unusual heating. Apart from long-term use, there are instances when your phone gets unusually heated, even during short usage. There can be several reasons behind it: software/application glitch, faulty hardware, liquid insertion, exposure to direct sunlight, or extreme heat. Frequently inspecting and maintaining the software and hardware of your device may help you fix overheating issues. Here are a few tips:

  • Regularly updating the apps and software in your phone fixes minor issues that affect the performance of your operating system. It also helps you fix unusual heating issues.
  • Avoiding long-term use of high-definition apps and videos for too long can help prevent heating issues caused due to pressure on the CPU and battery.
  • Always charge the cell phone battery before draining it to 0%.
  • Keep your phone away from direct sunlight.
  • Leaving your phone charging for hours or overnight may damage the battery and other hardware, leading to unusual heating. Also, use only the original charger to charge your phone.

If you detect unusual heating, it’s best to stop using your cell phone. Put it on airplane mode and immediately consult with our experts.

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