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In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to have multiple gaming consoles made by different companies under the same roof, if not on the same shelf as an individual entertainment center. It’s just as uncommon to find a technology service business that stickily focuses on a single gaming console for its troubleshooting and repair service. Time and technology move too fast to be experts at playing or fixing only one console. Although if the Sega Genesis is all you care about, more power to you.

So, if you’re like a lot of gaming enthusiasts out there, you probably have more than one brand of gaming console. And like a lot of gaming enthusiasts, you may have, on occasion, an issue with one of those consoles that requires more help than a YouTube video or expert on the internet can provide. In those cases, it’s good to know you have the professionals at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City ready to help.

Our technical experts have tons of knowledge and experience when it comes to fixing all the different types of gaming consoles out there. Well, maybe not all, but we know how to fix the vast majority of the issues facing consoles. Even better, we know how to fix them fast with quality parts and know-how that ensures your console will be operating the way it was designed to without having to do a lot of rework later.

In other words, we fix it right the first time, fast and efficiently.

Gaming console repair OK

Gaming Consoles We Service

It’s safe to assume we handle repairs for the big gaming consoles out there. Those, of course, are:

  • XBOX
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo Switch

But if you’ve got other gaming consoles not listed here or are unsure whether we service them or not, contact us. It never hurts to ask and if we don’t have the solution you’re hoping for, we’ll at least have recommendations.

Types of Console Repair Services

Most of the time, customers contact us with specific questions about the problems they’re having with their consoles or about the types of repairs we can do in general. Although we’re more than happy to answer any and all questions, a general list is always helpful to keep handy.

  • Free Diagnostic and General Repairs
  • Start-Up and Shut-Down Issues
  • HDMI Port Repairs
  • Hardware Issues
  • Battery and Power Supply Problems
  • Game Lagging or Freezing Up
  • Controller Repairs

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of our repair services, if you have a problem, it’s probably one of the above or would fall into one of those categories. That being said, bring it in for that free diagnostic inspection we mentioned. That way you’ll know exactly what’s wrong and what we’ll do to fix it.

Potential Repairs Handled by the Experts

At 911 Cell Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, we take great pride in being able to provide you with outstanding service, fixing most problems within the same day. Facing debilitating lagging and freezing gameplay? System won’t even start or properly load? Broken or damaged HDMI Ports? Controllers on the fritz? Let us help! We handle a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Startup and Shutdown Issues
    • Nothing is quite as disappointing as sinking into your best gaming chair, you’re ready to rock and roll, and your console decides it doesn’t want to turn on. Sometimes, just to be a jerk, it’ll start up and refuse to load the game, or takes the offense a step further and loads the game but can’t locate your previously saved games. From connectivity issues to broken hard drives and corrupt storage error messages – we’ve seen it at all 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, and we’re prepared to get your system in line.
  • Lag time and Fits of Freezing
    • If your console is lagging or freezing up on you, these glitches can be caused by connectivity issues as well as outdated or corrupt software that needs to be addressed.
  • HDMI Port and Hardware Problems
    • 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City can help with bent and damaged HDMI ports without hassle or delay. While the manufacturer’s likely wait-time would keep you out of action for an extended period, we maintain an inventory of multiple hardware pieces to ensure fast and easy replacement.
  • Controllers Not Controlling?
    • We have all likely experienced the infuriating plague of the dreaded ‘stick drift.’ Maybe your controller won’t can’t or won’t keep a charge or refuses to connect to your console. Or it could simply be a case of jammed or busted buttons. Regardless of the controller issue that you’re faced with, our experts will know the solution necessary to get things back on track.

Don’t let our name fool you – 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City technicians are also leaders in the realm of console repair. Our hands-on techs take their job seriously to provide you with the quickest, fairest, and most efficient service possible.

100% Free Diagnostics Test

Backed by a long history of satisfied customers and anchored by our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty for labor and parts, you can trust 911 Cell Phone Repair in Oklahoma City to expertly handle your console with great care. Bring your console in for specialized repair services, and you’ll be knee-deep in enemy territory before you can see if they’ve released new downloadable content for your favorite game.

Why Choose 911 for Your Gaming Console Repair Needs?

It’s easy to say we’re the best, most cost-efficient, and most reliable repair technicians for your gaming console needs in Oklahoma City because our track record and customer satisfaction tells us so. All bragging aside, though, we also believe our service and customer satisfaction speak for themselves. In addition to receiving quality, prompt service, you also get the benefits of:

  • A 90-day warranty for any and all parts we install
  • Speedy repairs that are done professionally with minimal wait times
  • Drop-off or location-specific services by appointment
  • Quality parts that ensure the repair is done right the first time and rework is avoided

If you think about it, the 90-day warranty is almost as important as the repairs themselves. Why? You can leave our store not only knowing that your console is fixed, but if it starts acting up again, you can bring it right back. Usually, if a similar problem reoccurs, it’s going to happen within the first 90 days after repairs. That is, unless you put it in storage after picking it up. So, make sure you put it through its gaming paces.

When it comes to speed repairs, please notice we didn’t say “speedy cheap repairs”. Although we strive to be affordable and cost-effective, we also believe in using quality parts. We believe quality parts ensure a repair lasts a long-term. We’re not looking to solve the problem with a cheap bandage, so to speak.

However, we’re also able to remain quick in our repairs due to the professional expertise of our technicians. They’ve seen a lot of these issues before, so they know pretty well how to fix them with the exact parts they need.

Lastly, when we say drop-off, we mean exactly that. You don’t have to wait around in the store for your repairs to get done. You’re more than welcome to. However, if you have other things to do, you can leave your console with us without worry. If coming to the store isn’t a convenient option, either, you can schedule an appointment where we will come to you. Call us to find out more about our appointment services.

With all of this added together, you can relax knowing your device is in good hands. We have over 10 years of providing technical services throughout Oklahoma and over 30 years of technical repair experience.

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Backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, 911 Cell Phone Repair in Oklahoma City has served our community for over ten years. Rest assured, our staff of professional technicians have earned their reputation for consistently providing the trusted partnership you deserve. We look forward to serving you soon. Our services are not only limited to console repair but also offer repair services for various products which includes but not limited to: Apple Watch Repair, Android Repair, iPad Repair, iPhone Repair, Samsung Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Xbox Repair, Playstation Repair, Nintendo Switch Repair, and Console Display Repair.

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