We receive a variety of questions here at 911 Phone Repair. Click any of the questions below to read the answer.

How long does it take to repair my screen?

Normally most repairs take no more then 30 minutes.

Does my screen come with a warranty?

We offer a 90 day warranty for every component our technicians replace on your phone or tablet, just make sure not to lose your receipt. Also, if you happen to have an issue with your device after we fixed it, bring it back with your receipt within the 90 day warranty and we'll happily take a look at it for you. Our 90 day warranty also offers a $30 discount on a new screen if you happen to break the screen that we installed for you.

If you can't fix it what happens?

There is a service fee of $20 if the repair takes more than 20 minutes.

Can I bring in my own screen?

You are welcome to bring your own screen! There is a service fee to apply screen. Prices vary for different screens.

Do I have to wait with my device?

You can drop off your phone and shop around or are welcome to stay and hangout with our awesome techs! Your phone is in great hands, and will be safe with us.