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When you think of Nintendo, chances are the Super Mario Bros come to mind – or your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite! One of the most popular video game consoles there’s ever been, the Switch is an amazing device. Like any electronic device, though, it can break down or have issues. If yours is acting up or is broken, never fear – 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City is here to help with any Nintendo Switch Repair needs!

The trained technicians at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City are here to bring your Nintendo Switch back to operating perfection! Over the last decade, our technicians have seen repairs ranging from simple, straightforward ones to far more complex situations. When it comes to Nintendo Switch repairs, not only are they more common than you might realize, but they’re relatively quick and painless for the technicians at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City.

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Our Quick Nintendo Switch Repair Solutions In OKC Include

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, especially gaming enthusiasts, it is that it’s far from enjoyable to have a gaming console either not operating properly or not operating at all.

Yeah, that’s kind of stating the obvious, but it doesn’t change the fact that having something you enjoy playing basically telling you, “Nope, you can’t play right now,” is something usually described by a derivative of a four-letter word. Add to that the fact you’ve probably invested quite a bit of money in your console, and you have a perfect recipe for foaming-at-the-mouth frustration.

Whether your device has a cracked or scratched screen, is malfunctioning due to water damage, or refuses to hold a charge, the pros at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City have the training and experience you can rely on for quality repairs. Our Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite repair services include but are not limited to:

We offer some Nintendo Switch repair services in OKC that can fix issues like:

  • Cracked Screen Repairs
  • Faulty Batteries Repair & Replacement
  • Repair Damaged Buttons
  • Software Or Connectivity Problems
  • JoyCon Failures
  • Physical Damage, Including Warping From Heat Inside Docks
  • Charging Port Repair for Broken and/or Damaged USB-C Ports
  • Water Damage
  • Brick Failures

These repair services are a great option if you’re looking for an affordable and fast solution to get your Nintendo Switch back up and running.

How Does Our Nintendo Switch Repair Work?

First things first, you can bring in your console, and we’ll run a 100% free diagnostics test for any Nintendo Swith Repair to get to the root of your problem. If it’s an obvious one, that’s great, as it’ll be a good starting point for the repair process. The diagnostics test will still be necessary to ensure no other repairs are needed.

As a consumer, you want to know you’re getting the repairs you need, nothing more and nothing less. You want service you can depend on, provided by a team of technicians and support staff you can trust. 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City has a long history of satisfied customers whose reviews you can believe. Based on our belief in the quality of our repairs, we’re proud to provide a 90-day warranty for labor and parts. We’ll work on your Nintendo Switch as if it were our own, expertly handling it with great care and precision.

  • Our professional technicians fix Nintendo consoles and hand-held gaming devices every day.
  • Our repair services are always completed with a light touch and precise eye.
  • Only the highest quality replacement parts available are used and integrated by highly-trained, experienced individuals.
  • From drifting JoyCons and controller connection issues to water damage and busted batteries, cracked screens and even charging issues, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City.
  • Our extensive inventory of replacement parts, professional repair tools, and efficient service ensure repairs are completed quickly – same day or within 24 hours when possible.

Some Common Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Issues We Fix!

So, let’s take a look at some common issues that we routinely repair for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite and what you can expect from us to get you back to your normal gaming routine.

1. Broken Screen

One of the coolest and most appealing things about the Nintendo Switch is its versatility of gameplay. One moment, you can be in your living room, playing your Nintendo Switch on your television, the next, you can be playing it on a flight across the country.

The problem with portability, though, is the same problem we understand all too well with cell phones. Things get dropped. Or smashed in a bag. If those things have a glass screen, the glass screen can often crack or get the wonderful spider-web to look across its surface.

If you’ve got a broken screen on your Switch, bring it to us to be replaced. We usually finish the work in about 30 minutes and have you back to playing normally the same day.

2. Water Damage

If you can drop a Switch and crack the glass screen, you can just as easily drop it in a pool or spill a large drink on it. Usually, fixing water damage requires a period of time to let the console dry out. However, if simple air drying doesn’t work, there’s probably an issue with an internal hardware part that needs to be repaired or replaced (like the battery).

Water damage is another very common problem we repair on a pretty regular basis. And like cracked screens, we can usually have the repairs done fast, and your Switch fixed the same day.

3. Short Battery Life

Short battery life is a common issue with pretty much anything that gets used on a regular basis over a device’s lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries like the Switch uses naturally degrade over time. The cycle of charge, play, charge, play naturally decreases the lifespan of a battery through use. If it gets drained down to the point it’s dead, the more impact it has on the battery’s lifespan.

This is all to say that a short battery life is usually a good indication that your battery needs to be replaced. It’s nothing you did wrong. The battery is dying naturally as it’s designed to do.

4. Won’t Charge

A Switch that won’t charge may be an issue with a bad charger. The easiest way to check that is to try another charger, of course. However, if you try another charger and your Switch is still lifeless, then you probably have a charging port or battery problem. Again, it’s an easy fix for us, so just bring your Switch on in and we’ll get the repair work done fast.

5. I Have No Idea, That’s Why I’m Asking You for Help

Hey, we get it. Your Switch isn’t working, and you have no idea what the problem is. That’s why you got a hold of us, after all. You have a Switch emergency, so you called 911 Phone Repair for help.

First, we’re thankful. Second, bring it on in for a free diagnostic test. Let us figure the problem out for you.

Why Choose 911 for Your Nintendo Switch Repair Needs?

It’s easy to say we’re the best, most cost-efficient, and most reliable repair technicians for your gaming console needs in Oklahoma City but…you know what? That is easy to say and we stand by that statement. All bragging aside, though, we also believe our service and customer satisfaction speak for themselves. In addition to receiving quality Nintendo Switch Repair in OKC, prompt service, you also get the benefits of:

  • A 90-day warranty for any and all parts we install
  • Speedy repairs that are done professionally with minimal wait times
  • Drop-off or location-specific services by appointment
  • Quality parts that ensure the repair is done right the first time and rework is avoided

With all of this added together, you can relax knowing your device is in good hands. We have over 10 years of providing technical services throughout Oklahoma and over 30 years of technical repair experience.

The Pros and Cons Of Attempting Repairs Yourself

At 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, we’re as passionate about gaming as you are! We know how devastating a broken game console can be, so we want to resolve your issue in as short an amount of time as possible. Some adventurous gamers proficient with technology and possessing the DIY chromosome enjoy attempting repairs themselves (or are at least willing to hesitantly attempt).

At-home repairs for the simpler, more basic issues can often be handled by gamers familiar with the equipment and process necessary. There are step-by-step guides easily accessible online. When attempting these repairs yourself, it’s important to know you can trust the source for up-to-date instructions. If something has changed since their last update to the DIY guide, the repair process can be derailed, and disastrous results can occur. We’re not attempting to paint a negative picture with tales of doom and gloom; if you’re proficient where important, have the required tools, and are confident enough to adapt to potential hiccups, go for it!

If you know yourself well enough to know you shouldn’t attempt a repair yourself – or a DIY Nintendo Switch repair doesn’t work out as you wanted – we’re happy to assist. The staff at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City is pleased to ensure your device is fixed permanently.

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If your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite is on the fritz, don’t panic – the expert technicians at 911 Phone Repair will fight for your right to game in Oklahoma City. Blending extensive industry experience with genuine customer care, we ensure your experience with us is positive. Our team loves the revolutionary features of this versatile game console!

Whether you love to dock the device at home for play on your TV or computer, or you’re the type of player who games on the go, we want to get you back to seamlessly gaming with this transformative console. No matter what issue you’re facing with your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, we’re here to deliver top-quality care with remarkable speed and efficiency.

911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City offers a 100% Free diagnostic and consultation on all services. Contact us today!

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