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The iPad has solidified its place as a useful tool for education, business, and leisure.

Unfortunately, just like the iPhone, the iPad is not immune from being damaged or broken from drops or falls.

911 Phone Repair + offers fast, premium, and cost-effective repairs for iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. With a team of certified, experienced technicians, we are able to offer the widest variety of tablet repairs in the Oklahoma City area. Services include screen replacement, battery replacement, charge port replacement, and motherboard repair. If you or your business is in need of iPad repair, look no further than Oklahoma’s most experienced: 911 Phone Repair.

iPad Screen Repair

Is your iPad’s screen cracked or broken? We can fix it!.

911 Phone Repair has been Oklahoma’s choice for iPad repair with the highest-quality replacement parts backed by an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty.

All replacements meet Apple OEM specifications so your iPad doesn’t lose touch response or display quality. We understand that your time is valuable, so we aim to complete most replacements within a couple of hours.

911 screen protector: Get the best protection against bumps and impacts for your iPad with a tempered glass screen protector from 911 Phone Repair. Our tempered glass has the same durability and toughness specifications as leading competitors without paying extra for the brand name. Our technician installs all screen protectors so you don’t have to worry about annoying dust and other particles getting between your protector and device upon installation.

Water Damage

With our knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians, 911 Phone Repair is able to offer water damage treatment for iPad that many other repair shops simply can’t offer.

If your device has come into contact with water, immediately power it off and bring it to a 911 Phone Repair near you. Time is a factor when it comes to treating and mitigating water damage to a device, so do not hesitate.

We replace most components that have water damage in the same-day. With more complex components available by special order.

No WiFi or Cellular Signal

Connectivity is everything when it comes to a device’s usefulness. Poor or a complete loss of signal impairs your ability to use apps, complete homework, or perform at work.

911 Phone Repair offers solutions to wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity issues for iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. From firmware restoration to motherboard repairs, we can make sure your iPad is functioning properly.

Battery Needs

Has the performance of your iPad dropped? A common reason for this is degradation or a decrease in the overall capacity of your iPad’s battery. A majority of batteries maintain their peak performance for 500 charge cycles and quickly depreciate afterward.

Another reason for poor battery performance is your device’s charging port. A dirty or damaged charging port can undercharge and harm a battery’s overall capacity faster than normal. 911 Phone Repair can restore a charge port that is malfunctioning due to dirt or debris in it. Or even replace a the charging port altogether if needed.

If your iPad is experiencing performance or power issues, call or come by today for a free assessment. However, just don’t be fooled our iPad repairs, we also offer repairs for different devices and gaming consoles including:

Our services are not only limited to Android systems but also offer repair services for:

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