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  • Servicing Oklahoma for over 10 years
  • Over 30 years of tech repair experience
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Have you ever felt that moment of terror between your iPad or tablet slipping through your fingers and then hitting the floor? Here at 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, OK, we sure hope not. It’s a real bummer. But if you have, don’t stress. We’ve got you covered.

The bottom line is that replacing a tablet or iPad is incredibly expensive and also very inconvenient. As Oklahoma City’s premier tablet and iPad repair wizards, we are the perfect solution for efficient, affordable, and quality repairs. We will have you streaming, typing, and swiping again in no time!

Trust us, our expert technicians have seen it all.

Check out our extensive list of services

  • Cracked Glass or Damaged Display – Accidents happen, especially when it comes to handheld technology. When they do, 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City is your one-stop fix-it-all shop—no more shipping a device back to the manufacturer and waiting to hear back for what feels like forever. Bring it in to us while you are out running errands, and we will get your device working like new. In most cases, our technicians can complete same-day repairs.
  • Water Damage – A common myth surrounding tablet and iPad repair is that water damage is a death sentence. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. We’ve all accidentally knocked a drink over. Unfortunately, it happens. Don’t fret if your tablet or iPad gets caught within the spill radius! At 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, our technicians regularly rehabilitate water-logged devices.
  • Speaker Issues – Are your tablet or iPad speakers scratchy, distorted, or just plain not working? Often they need a quick cleaning or repair from an expert. Our technicians clean and fix sub-optimal speakers all the time.
  • Get Your Tablet or iPad Buttoned Up – There’s no place like home, and there’s no reason to put up with a home button that doesn’t work. Few things are more frustrating than an unresponsive home button on your iPad. Buttons vary depending on the make and model of your tablet. That’s why 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City stocks most of the parts and hardware needed to fix these issues. Don’t get caught in a supply chain snafu. We have the buttons and parts your device needs on-site in most cases. Come by and let us surprise you with the speed and precision of your repair.
  • WiFi and Cell Signal Loss – Can’t connect to WiFi or constantly disconnecting and losing your cellular signal? We will take a look to evaluate and diagnose the problem for free. We can also help you tether your tablet to your phone’s cellular plan on devices where this is possible.
  • Battery Replacement – Unfortunately, your tablet or iPad’s battery life will slowly decrease over time, much like your patience in dealing with constantly needing to plug your tablet back in and charge it again. Your friendly neighborhood technicians at 911 Phone Repair will happily install a brand-new, high-quality yet affordable battery inside your tablet. Our goal is to save you time, money, and freedom from scanning every room you walk into for an electrical outlet.
  • Let Us Migrate Your Data – If restoration is impossible or you have already purchased that fresh, newer-model tablet or iPad, we will seamlessly migrate your data. The thought of losing the data and information stored on a tablet or iPad is stressful and, quite frankly, unnecessary. Our technicians are data migration gurus. Do not risk losing priceless photos, contacts, and other stored information!

Best Benefits Around

  • Free evaluation and device diagnostic. No gimmicks, no fees, just answers.
  • 90-Day Warranty
  • We use the highest-quality parts in the industry because otherwise, what’s the point?
  • Same day repairs on the majority of problems

Some of the most common problems users encounter with their tablets and iPads

  • Faulty batteries
  • Cracked or frozen screens
  • Stuck or broken buttons
  • Apps are not installing properly
  • Dead pixels
  • Data loss and corruption
  • WiFi and data disconnection
  • Bad speakers
  • Moisture and water damage
  • Device won’t turn on

Our technicians have years of experience resolving all of these issues, and so many more! Replacing your existing tablet or iPad should be a last resort. Don’t drain your bank account. Instead, call us at (405) 843-7843 or stop by and visit us at the Penn Square Mall today!

Lifetime Limited Warranty

You read that right. If there is an issue with our repair, whether due to a faulty part or our workmanship, we will fix it FREE OF CHARGE. Just as long as there has been no additional physical damage suffered after the original repair. That’s right. 911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City is fast, affordable, and risk-free.

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