Cracked Screen iphone

Cracked Screen

Our screen replacement service is quick and affordable. Most replacements can be done within a half-hour while you wait, eat, or shop, and your phone will look like new!

Water Damage

Let us run a diagnostic to determine the damage. 911 will clean and clear your device of any corrosion or debris and test to restore functionality. If we are unable to successfully restore your device, then the service is free!

Speaker Issues

When your sound has gone silent or distorted, your speaker may need cleaning or replacing. Our technicians are adept at correcting these needs.

No Phone Signal

Whether your phone has stopped working or has a very weak signal, 911 can take care of it, whether it be the antenna, outdated software, or water damage we’ve got you covered.

Broken Buttons

If your device’s buttons are unresponsive or going crazy, we can help. We'll fix the problem after troubleshooting the source of the issue.

Weak or Dead Battery

Battery problems will interfere with your productivity. Our replacement batteries are held to the highest standards, ensuring that your phone keeps up with your busy life.

broken screen samsung phone

Cracked Screen

911 Phone Repair is the go-to solution for cell phone repair needs, having repaired thousands of cracked screens. Most are replaced within a half-hour while you wait or shop, making your phone look like new!

Water Damage

Our 911 technicians know how to repair and restore damage from moisture. We will clean your phone internally and carefully reassemble it. You can trust our professional service.

Speaker Issues

If your sound is compromised, let 911 give you a speaker adjustment or a full replacement. We've got the fix for it.

No Phone Signal

If your Samsung Galaxy runs extra-slow, there may be a variety of causes. Our 911 technicians will diagnose, find the reason, and make necessary repairs to get you back on track.

Broken Buttons

A non-working home/lock button can impact your entire user experience. 911 will do a fast repair so that you are not without your device for very long.

Battery Needs

When your Samsung doesn't hold its charge, come see us. We will diagnose and replace your current battery, or charge port, restoring your phone's original capacity.

screen damage ipad

Cracked Screen

Has your beautiful iPad been shattered by a drop? We offer the complete screen replacement, making your device look brand new and operating just like new.

Water Damage

Let 911’s technicians help diagnose and repair the moisture damage to your device. You can relax with confidence knowing that your device is in the best hands

Speaker Issues

Should your iPad sound be compromised, we can repair or replace your speaker as needed.

No WiFi or Cellular Signal

Our technicians at 911 will diagnose the cause and make necessary repairs to get you back online.

Broken Buttons

Whether erratic or unresponsive, a broken home button/lock button is no laughing matter. We can do the repair for you at 911.

Battery Needs

If your iPad is not holding its charge as it once did, we will determine if you need a charge port repair or battery replacement to get you going again.

Tech Solutions You Can Trust

Don't let your damaged phones or tablets curb your enthusiasm or your productivity. Let 911 help you with all your cell phone repairs in OKC!

911 Repairs for Business

We aid many different businesses in need of all kinds of repairs, offering the most cost-effective solutions to keep your overhead low for all of your necessary devices. In addition, our educated staff can offer some of our recommendations for different business devices, should you request guidance.

All of our repairs are backed by our 90-day manufacturing warranty to ensure that you are properly taken care of.

911 Repairs for Education

Let 911 Repair help with all your school-issued iPad and tablet repairs.

We offer…

“A 90-Day Warranty on all repairs”. If the original repair should fail because of a part we installed or because of workmanship in the repair, we will fix it for FREE so long as the device hasn’t suffered any physical damage.

“Expert Technical Service”. Our staff are highly skilled and experienced in repairing your electronic devices.

“Same-Day Repairs”. Most repairs are completed within 30 minutes upon receiving them, while you wait, eat, or shop.

“Drop off or Let Us Come to You!” You may visit our location in person with your device, or schedule an appointment online or by phone to have our technician come to you and repair your device. (Some exclusions may apply)

Oklahoma City Cell Phone Repair Specialists

Quality Cell Phone Repair with our Trusted Warranty

Everything we repair at 911 Phone Repair, we make sure to do the job right the first time. Our superior phone repair services in Oklahoma City saves you from the hassle of multiple visits. From your cell phones to tablets to gaming consoles to laptops, everything is taken care of with extreme precision. Our technicians make sure to go above and beyond the OKC cell phone repair industry standards. However, some unforeseen problems can simply be out of our control. For that, we provide a limited lifetime warranty on most repair and replacement parts installed by our technicians.

In addition to that, all our parts are backed by a minimum 30-day manufacturer’s warranty & our preferred replacement parts are backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Our industry-leading warranty doesn’t require you to hold on to the repair receipt at all. Our database is enough for both of us. Call us now for warrantied high-quality cell phone repair in OKC!

Same-Day Phone Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

At 911 Phone Repair, our service is incredibly fast with little wait time. For most of your cell phone problems, we provide same-day phone repairs in Oklahoma City, OK. Our experienced technicians can conclude most repairs in less than 45 minutes. Some complex issues may take a few hours, while straightforward issues, like a cracked screen repair, battery replacement, or camera replacement can be done in 30 to 35 minutes. So, if you are looking for urgent cell phone screen repair in OKC, visit our repair center. While we repair broken cell phones, you can shop around or go for a coffee, or you are welcome to wait with us.

Genuine Cell Phone Parts Available At 911 Phone Repair

No one likes to go through the same repairs again and again. We do the job right the first time, so we minimize your stress and ensure your convenience. That is why, at 911 Phone Repair, our technicians use genuine, high-quality parts to repair your devices. In many cases we are able to source OEM replacement parts if desired.

Whether it’s a smartphone, a console, a laptop, or a tablet, we find the highest quality parts available in the industry. That is also why we provide a limited lifetime warranty on most parts installed by us. Hence, you can stay at peace knowing that your device is in reliable hands. For long-lasting cell phone repair in Oklahoma City, visit 911 Phone Repair today.

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We are proud to stand by our 90 day warranty for any and all parts installed on your cellphone or tablet by our skilled technicians.

We're Fast!

Most of our repairs can also be finished under half an hour, and there should be little to no wait time.

Quality Parts

We at 911 Phone Repair offer the highest quality parts available within the industry

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