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Broken iPhone? We’re here to help. The average iPhone user spends just over 3 hours per day on their device. Whether it’s checking in on family, socializing with friends, or doing business, a broken phone can significantly impact your day.

911 Phone Repair has been Oklahoma’s choice for iPhone repair since 2012 and has now opened a second location to serve the eastern metro area. For fast, reliable repairs for your iPhone choose 911 Phone Repair.

Cracked Screen

We have all been there. You drop your phone, take a deep breath, and as you reach down, you pray that your phone’s screen hasn’t cracked. Cracked screens can prevent your device from displaying and reduce your overall experience while using your phone. Lucky for you, cracked screens are one of our primary repairs. We can restore your phone’s screen back so that it looks flawless!

Protect your iPhone screen: Don’t get caught unprotected. Accidents happen, but you can help protect your device from accidental drops or bumps with a tempered glass screen protector. 911 Phone Repair offers the same impact-resistant screen protectors as top name-brand companies without the high mark-ups.

Speaker Issues

Physical damage, software errors, or a wrong setting—many things can cause your speaker to stop working. The repair requirement depends on the type of damage to your speakers. Sometimes resetting the iPhone settings will be enough for speakers to work, but other times, your speakers may need to be replaced. We are here to assist you with all types of iPhone speaker issues, no matter how big or small the problem is.

Broken Buttons

Broken buttons can be very annoying. Whether you’re trying to turn up the volume, switch to your home screen, or perform a hard rest on your device, we can all agree that we need the full functionality of our phones. Our iPhone experts have the knowledge and experience to restore your buttons back to their original functionality. Contact 911 Phone Repair to fix those broken buttons quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage

Water can cause serious damage to your iPhone, but it depends on how much water has been soaked into your phone. Regular spills can be treated at home, but you may need an expert’s help if there has been severe water damage to your iPhone. 911 Phone Repair offers a top-level repair service to restore your phone if you have water damage. We won’t charge you anything if we fail to restore your device.

No Phone Signal

A damaged antenna, outdated software, or water damage can cause your iPhone to experience a weak signal. If you have a weak signal or no signal, contact 911 Phone Repair. We can fix your phone problems quickly and efficiently.

Weak or Dead Battery

Your iPhone’s battery life depends on how you use it. Many factors can affect the life of your iPhone’s battery. A weak battery can affect your productivity and waste your time. We offer high-quality replacement batteries to ensure your phone is working when you need it to.

Tips for the Best iPhone Battery Life

No matter how technologically advanced your device is, its features end with a dead battery. Moreover, you can’t have the best experience with your iPhone if its battery quits working. It is a crucial part of your iPhone, and you want it to last longer. Here are some tips to help increase the life of your iPhone battery.

  • Utilizing Low Power Mode – Background functions, such as mail fetch, automatic downloads, and Siri function can drain your battery. ‘Low power mode,’ available on iOS 9 and later, temporarily turns off the software that runs in the background when the battery charge is low. This is helpful because unnecessary pressure on the battery when it’s running low decreases the life of the battery.
  • Turning Down the Volume – It may sound surprising, but excessive volume can also drain the battery. Keep the volume relatively low for a healthy battery and avoid ‘full volume.’ Also, use headphones if possible.
  • Turning Off iCloud – Automatic iCloud backup can drain your battery and affect its life. While backing up vital data is essential, the process of manual back-up gives you more control over your data and storage. Also, it releases pressure off your iPhone battery, helping prolong its life.
  • Turning Off Siri – Siri is helpful, but it just drains your battery if you don’t use it. If you’re not using Siri and it’s still on, go to General>settings and turn off ‘Hey Siri’.
  • Avoid Unnecessary App Removal – You may think all your apps are draining your battery. But sometimes, that’s not true. Except for background apps, many apps don’t drain the battery if they are not in use. You end up using more battery by double-tapping the Home button and removing the apps all the time.
  • Turning Off Background App Refresh – Apps running in the background do drain your battery. Automatically refreshing them can also drain your battery. Make sure you turn off Background App Refresh. You can do this by navigating to Settings > General > Usage.
  • Here’s another tip – Check the background Apps and figure out what you need and remove what you don’t use. Do not keep the apps you don’t need. They just use more storage space and affect the life of the battery.
  • Turning Off Push Notifications from Apps – You don’t need a push notification every time an app changes. Apps frequently send notifications that you do not need. Push notifications affect the life of the battery. Go to Settings > Notification Center and turn off push notifications. You can individually do this for each app, but putting an end to push notifications altogether is better for your battery life.
  • Turning off Automatic Downloads – Automatic updating of the operating system and the apps can drain your battery. You can turn off the automatic downloads altogether. In cases where you need automatic downloads and still want to use the battery, you can choose how to receive the data. You can turn off the ‘Use Cellular Data’ option by navigating to ‘iTunes & App Store’ under ‘Settings.’ This ensures updates are only performed on a wi-fi connection.
  • Minimizing Screen Brightness – Your iPhone screen uses a lot of battery power, and it may be brighter than you need. Turning down brightness saves battery life. You will find brightness control in ‘Settings’.

Before manually turning down the brightness, make sure to turn ‘Auto Brightness’ off. You may need to adjust this setting regularly, but it can extend the life of your battery.

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