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Android phone repair can be stressful and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Check us out before you deplete your bank account on a new smartphone or a costly manufacturer repair.

Users love Android phones because of their wide variety of brands, devices, customizations, and prices. At 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City, we love Android too, but we love our customers more! That’s why we are the best one-stop shop for Android phone repair in town. With so many makes, models, and parts in play for Android devices, we sustain the most-comprehensive stock of high-quality components and employ the smartest, quickest Android repair technicians in the field.

Our Risk-Free No-Hassle Process

  1. Bring your Android phone to us for a free diagnostic and consultation. 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City’s highly trained repair technicians will perform a speedy diagnosis of your phone’s issues and isolate the necessary repairs to optimize your Android fully. We provide repairs and maintenance on EXACTLY what needs to be fixed. We ensure that you don’t waste your time and money on excessive services. Our store doesn’t mess around with the word “free.” It’s our pleasure to deliver the initial diagnostic at no cost to you.
  2. After the free consultation, Midwest City’s finest Android phone repair technicians get to work on fixing your Android phone quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We know what it’s like to be phone-less. Not cool. Most of our repairs are complete within the hour. Run your errands or eat lunch, then pop back in and pick up your good-as-new Android.
  3. We’re so confident in our high-quality parts and service that we offer an extensive 90-Day Warranty on hardware and workmanship.

We hate to say it, but sometimes smartphones and lousy luck go hand in hand. Stuff happens. Accidental drops, water, and moisture damage, malware, and spotty signal connections are just a few of the pitfalls of modern life. 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City turns these catastrophes into minor setbacks. No matter the issue with your Android phone, we know how to fix it and fix it fast.

Most of the smartphones on the market today are Android devices. Scroll through the list below for a few of the Android phone brands that our skilled technicians regularly repair:

  • Samsung Google Pixel
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • LG
  • OnePlus
  • And so many more!

Not sure if your phone is an Android? Please show us what you got. In almost all cases, we have the hardware and expertise to get you squared away.

  • Screen repair and replacement – The repair technicians at 911 Phone Repair fix cracked, broken, and shattered screens with speed and precision. We will diagnose the level of the damage and advise you on the most cost-effective repair. We keep several different kinds of Android screens in-store so that no matter what the repair necessitates, the remedy will be quick.
  • Charging issues and battery replacement – Save yourself the annoyance and exasperation of dealing with an Android phone that can no longer hold a full charge or that randomly shuts down at the most inconvenient times. 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City will identify the battery specific to your Android device and replace it with no fuss. Older Android phones use lithium-ion batteries that become swollen and ineffective over time. We have lithium-ion batteries in stock, and for the newer models where access to the battery requires surgery and a steady hand, our qualified technicians will take it from there.
  • Hardware repair and replacement – Screens are not the only parts of a smartphone that are frequently damaged. Charging ports, headphone jacks, and buttons can crack and require replacement. Our technicians can diagnose the difference between broken hardware and hardware that needs cleaning and maintenance, potentially saving you precious dough before you junk your phone or send it back to the over-priced manufacturer.
  • Software and App related issues – There are various reasons for why your Android runs slower than it should, or your apps crash and freeze, and the repair techs at 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City are familiar with all of them. Bring in your Android for a quick and free consultation to diagnose the problem. Whether your downloads are failing or malware has mistakenly been installed, we’ll locate the issue and get your Android humming again.

Other common problems with Android phones

  • Slow functioning
  • Overheating
  • SD card issues
  • Signal loss
  • Water and internal moisture

All 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City’s parts and repair services fall under our industry-leading 90-Day warranty. Plus, every repair includes a comprehensive consultation and free diagnostic assessment.

Take advantage of 911 Phone Repair’s no-risk and affordable Android phone repair services right now. We provide the highest-quality parts and highest-quality repair services in Midwest City. Call 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City when you have an Android emergency or need to repair your friend’s phone or gaming consoles! Our services are not only limited to Android systems but also offer repair services for:

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