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XBOX is one of the most popular gaming systems across the world. It’s a favorite way to blow off steam, team up with friends to rally against foes, put your strategy skillset to the test, and veg out after a long day on the job. We at 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City understand that there is nothing worse than when your gaming time is ruined by constant lagging, connectivity issues, or your controller refusing to cooperate in your time of need. While kicking your XBOX seems like a good idea at the moment, don’t put yourself out of the game any longer than you have to. Stop by our store at 15th and Sooner Rd for a quick and easy fix that your foot just can’t do.

911 Phone Repair technicians take their job seriously and perform with optimum speed and efficiency, and will take on the task of helping you get back in your gaming chair- no matter how big the issue. Not sure exactly what the affliction is? Bring in your equipment for a 100% free diagnostics test that will alert our team of professionals to what the problem is. Our team will work quickly and with care to make sure that you are reunited with your best gaming buddy before the team even misses you.

General Issues & Free Diagnostic Test

Any gamer can tell you that you have a problem when you hear your XBOX fan start whirring like a helicopter. An overheating console is no joke and can cause a lot of damage over an extended period of time. While we work our magic and put that controller back in your hands, keep your trust in us to figure out precisely what is wrong, be it connectivity, hardware, software, or a systemic issue.

Don’t put a damper on your gaming experience or let your teammates down by crashing your console mid-game. Come over to 15th and Sooner Rd. to receive a 100% free diagnostics test, where our staff will be able to locate the root of your XBOX worries and find a solution quickly.

Problematic Startup or Unexpected Shutdown

What is every gamer’s number one nightmare when they initially sit down and push that power button? Seeing that our XBOX can’t load our previously saved games. If you’re like us, your immediate reaction will be to freak out and make the problem worse by throwing your controller, but don’t do that! Instead, come over to 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City, where we can help.

Does your console shut down unexpectedly mid-game? Is your hard drive broken, or maybe your connectivity is wigging out? Are you receiving a corrupt storage error message? Let us put your mind at ease and you back in your recliner. We take great pride in being able to provide you with excellent customer service by fixing most problems within the same day. Don’t waste your time relying on a manufacturer that might take weeks to put you back in the hot seat.

Is Lagging Cramping Your Style?

Lag time and glitches can be due to your connectivity and may potentially be fixed by being hardwired in. However, that is most definitely not always the case. Don’t let your teammates down or let your stats get ruined due to your system lagging or freezing in the middle of a game or battle! With a completely free diagnostic test, 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City can determine whether your XBOX has software issues and what we can do to bring your game to the next level of efficiency.

HDMI Port and Hardware Problems

911 Phone Repair in Midwest City can easily identify and replace any piece of broken hardware, including a bent or damaged HDMI port, without taking up your entire day. Don’t waste time and let sweet, sweet gaming opportunities go to waste while you wait for a manufacturer to fix your XBOX! Come visit us at 15th and Sooner Rd., where we keep multiple hardware pieces in stock for a fast and easy replacement! Combined with our fast service, we also offer a 90 day warranty to ensure your satisfaction with our labor and parts.

Take Control of Your Controller

What is more annoying than suffering from ‘stick drift’? Probably nothing… except maybe a busted button. Bring in your equipment to 911 Phone Repair and let our team of technicians help you out with that or any other controller issue! Whether it’s actually stick drift, a stuck or busted button, or maybe your controller is just refusing to connect to your console or charge – we know the exact solution! Don’t just throw your broken controller in a drawer and buy a new one. Let us save you some money and time by allowing us to fix you up with a like-new piece of equipment.

World-Class Expertise and Warranty

Don’t let our name fool you – 911 Phone Repair in Midwest City also prides itself in being a leader of XBOX Repair! Our world-class technicians take their time and put in the effort to provide you with the quickest, fairest, and most efficient service possible. Just in case your console or controller decides to wig out within 90 days of repair, we honor a warranty for labor and parts within that time frame.

Call us today and let us get you back into the game… fast! Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask about our other repair services such as:

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