Free Phone Diagnosis

We know your device plays a big role in your life whether it be in a professional or business manner, keeping up with loved ones, or just for your enjoyment. It is our job to handle your device emergency in a fast and timely manner, highest quality replacement parts and provide you with the best overall experience possible in your phone emergency.
911 Phone Repair technicians are highly trained in all aspects of any phone emergency you might have including a charging port replacement.

911 Phone Repair always wants to get to the bottom of your phone’s problem; we offer a free phone diagnosis when you visit our store for phone repair service.

Benefits Of Using 911 Phone Repair Oklahoma City


We will replace your charging port, solving just about all issues you may have with charging your phone.


If your sound during calls is low or distorted, we can fix that by simply replacing your speaker.


We can replace your battery. Batteries are meant to last for about two years, however heat and improper charging can shorten the lifespan of your battery.