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With over 30 years of combined experience working with Apple devices, 911 Phone Repair is the leading choice for iPhone repair in OKC. We offer the highest-quality aftermarket and refurbished displays, OEM quality batteries, back glass replacement, and more. With two locations serving the OKC metropolitan area, quality repair has never been more accessible.

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Comprehensive iPhone Repair Services We Provide In OKC

Every day, we handle a variety of common repairs for iPhones in the OKC location, including:

1. iPhone Screen Repair

No matter how careful you are – accidents happen. Even with a protective case, 25% of iPhones will be damaged from drops, falls, or bumps. A cracked or damaged iPhone screen can be frustrating and affect your ability to use your device. Fortunately, professional iPhone screen repair services can help.

911 Phone Repair is your go-to solution for iPhone display replacement. We bring you the highest quality LCD and OLED displays available on the market and replace your damaged or broken display with a premium display. Additionally, our display replacements are backed with an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty.

Install a screen protector on your iPhone screen: Accidents are unpleasant. However, you can always be prepared for one. A phone case will only protect the edges of your device. But pairing your device with a tempered glass screen protector helps to reduce the impact of drops and bumps to your phone screen. Therefore, screen protectors are quick and cost-effective solutions.

2. Speaker Issues

Is your iPhone having audio issues? That can be caused by several factors. Physical damage around speakers and microphones can misalign or completely break components inside your device. Dust and dirt build up over time and can clog the small channels in that route sound in and out of your phone. Other issues stem from water damage and motherboard failure. 911 Phone Repair has audio solutions for everything iPhone.

3. Broken Buttons

A broken button is a nuisance, right? Often, a broken power can cause numerous issues with your device, such as being unable to activate your screen, occasional restarting, or disabling of audio. The majority of physical button replacements can be achieved on the same day.

4. Water Damage Repair

The second leading cause of damage to mobile devices is water damage. Even with minimal contact, water can severely harm many internal components, including the display, battery, charge port, and motherboard.

If your device has been exposed to water, turn it off immediately. Bring your device to one of our certified technicians to treat water-damaged components. Water damage is more arbitrary than physical damage but is often still treatable.

5. Connectivity Issues: No Phone Signal

Weak or complete signal loss severely limits your device’s value and effectiveness. It could mean missed calls from friends or family, work, or missing out on the latest news. Whether it’s a damaged antenna, motherboard, or software failure, our certified technicians at 911 Phone Repair can diagnose and resolve your device’s signal issues.

6. Weak or Dead Battery

Is your iPhone’s battery performance going downhill lately? The average iPhone battery maintains peak performance for an average of 2 years. After that point, the battery will begin to lose significant capacity, thus lowering the overall performance of your device. Hence, replacing your battery extends your device’s lifespan, restores peak performance, and decreases yearly eWaste. 911 Phone Repair exclusively uses factory-tested, zero-count batteries with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications to keep your battery running.

Our Expert iPhone Care Tips

With proper care, you can minimize the need to repair your device. Here are a few iPhone care tips that help prevent iPhone damage:

1. Use A Protective Case

Did you grab the phone from your pocket just to see it slip out of your hands? Dropping your phone is one of the most common causes of iPhone damage. Physical damage to your iPhone caused by dropping it can cost you valuable time and money. A protective case and screen protector are two cost-effective ways to prevent damage to your phone.

2. Always Ensure a Clean Charging Port

Charging is one of the most frequent things we do with our phones. Constant plug and unplugging may cause dust to collect in your port. Therefore, leading to clogged ports. Always make sure your charging port is clean.

You can use a toothpick or needle to remove dust, but be careful not to touch other sensitive parts. Alternatively, you can use a can of compressed air to blow dust away from the port.

3. Never Keep Apps You Don’t Need

We all have apps on our cell phones that we rarely use. The more apps you have, the more pressure on your RAM. Unnecessary apps can contribute to slowing down your phone. Therefore, routinely check for unnecessary apps and delete the ones you don’t use.

Moreover, you can also turn on the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ feature in your iPhone Storage settings. This feature deletes unused apps when you’re low on storage. You can always re-download the deleted apps in the future from the App store if you need them.

4. Ensure Updated iOS

New updates in iOS come with bug fixes and performance improvements. Some updates even improve battery performance. Hence, up-to-date iOS ensures a smooth-running iPhone. Updates help improve battery life, software performance, and overall user experience and prevent costly repairs.
It only takes a few minutes to update your iOS, so don’t put off iPhone updates. Always check for update reminders to have the latest version of iOS.

5. Avoid Third-Party Downloads

Third-party downloads can contain harmful software that can damage your phone. Therefore, we recommend only downloading apps from the App Store.

6. Update Your Apps

Just like iOS, updates in your apps also come with improvements. Updates can keep apps from crashing and freezing. Additionally, many new version apps also now require an updated operating system.
You can always turn on the ‘auto-update’ option for your apps in settings. Also, remember to check and delete apps you don’t use. Unnecessary apps can use a noticeable amount of storage and affect your phone’s performance.

7. Ensure Clean Safari

Clearing cookies and data from Safari can help speed up your iPhone. You can easily do it by clearing history and website data on safari settings. It frees ample space from the storage and helps your iPhone to run smoothly.

Why Choose 911 Phone Repair For iPhone Repairs In OKC?

911 repair offers all iPhone repair services, including cracked screens, speaker issues, broken buttons, weak or dead batteries, water damage, software problems, and more.

  • We commit to offering our customers fast and reliable repair service at an affordable cost.
  • We offer a 90-day warranty on all the parts we change
  • We offer speedy repairs with quality replacement parts.
  • We are certified and offer free diagnostic tests for your devices!

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911 Phone Repair in Oklahoma City offers a 100% Free diagnostic and consultation on all iPhone devices with a 90-day warranty that protects you on parts and labor! We offer our services on all iPhones. Whether you have an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 13, our technicians are well-equipped to handle all iPhone devices! We also offer various cell phone repair services, including Samsung phone repair, Google Pixel phone repair, and more. Contact us today!

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