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The iPad has filled the gap between the smartphone and the computer, revolutionizing on-the-go entertainment, education, and business.

iPads – like smartphones – are prone to damage from drops, falls, and bumps. 911 Phone Repair is Oklahoma’s leader in iPad repair. We understand that reliable repairs begin with reliable parts. Therefore, we ensure to utilize the highest quality parts on the market. We combine that with a team of certified and experienced technicians to offer you a wide variety of iPad repairs and the highest standard of service.

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ipad repair in OKC

Common iPad Problems We Can Fix!

If you are an iPad user, you may face a variety of common problems with your device that require professional iPad screen repair in Oklahoma City. Here are some iPad problems that the majority of users face:

1. Water Damage Repair

Water damage doesn’t have to be the end of your device. Most of the time, water damage can be mitigated and treated before it reaches the irreplaceable parts of your iPad. Thus, if your device comes in contact with water, power it off immediately. Time can be a factor, so call or come by to have one of our expert technicians evaluate the damage and treat it accordingly. Our technicians can complete most repairs within a day, with more extensive repairs requiring a few days.

2. No WiFi or Cellular Signal

Your iPad’s functionality is dependent on staying connected to the internet. With the pace of everyday life, you can’t afford to stay unconnected for long periods of time. That’s where we come in. For example, if your device is experiencing connectivity issues, it could result from damaged components or software failure. Our certified technicians can diagnose and resolve your device’s connectivity issues.

3. iPad Battery Repair & Replacement

Get the best in iPad battery replacement with 911 Phone Repair. Capacity loss and poor battery performance are unavoidable. We bring your devices back to life with batteries that are factory-tested, spot-tested, and meet all OEM specifications. 911 Phone Repair can complete most battery replacements same-day. Additionally, all parts come with an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Damaged Hardware

As a provider of premium iPad repair and replacement parts, we fix and are able to offer quality replacement parts for various iPad hardware. If you are looking to fix any damaged ports, buttons, or more on your iPad, you can contact us right away.

5. App Crashes & Software Issues

Another iPad troubleshooting includes app crashes and software malfunctions in the device. For more common issues that can be fixed by clearing cache, you can look into various guides on the internet. However, if there are more pressing issues with the software on your device, you can count on us to provide a diagnostic and repair to your iPad’s issues. k

We Offer iPad Screen Repair Services In OKC

iPad screen repair is a process that involves replacing a damaged or cracked screen. We specialize in glass and display replacements for iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro models in the OKC location. If you are looking to repair the damaged screen of your iPad in OKC, you can look into our services and the quality we have to offer.

  • Whether glass-only or a full glass and display replacement, we offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality parts to ensure you get the same great touch response with bright, vibrant displays. Furthermore, as with all repairs, reliability is everything. Therefore, we include an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty with all the parts we install.
  • We understand time is also a factor, so our team of certified technicians can complete most repairs same day if you have a damaged or broken display, call or come by today.
  • Use a screen protector to minimize damage to your iPad screen. Moreover, one way to avoid breaking your iPad’s display is to pair it with a tempered glass screen protector. 911 Phone Repair offers industry-standard screen protectors with an edge-to-edge design for maximum protection. Our technicians install the screen protectors, so you don’t have to worry about annoying dust and dirt particles getting in between your protector and the display.

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Trust the local experts for all iPad repair in OKC with 911 phone repair. We offer the best technicians, service, repair time and competitive pricing in the area. We offer repair services for more Apple products including the iPhone and tablet repairs as well. contact us today to learn more!

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