How To Repair A Water-Damaged Phone?

August 1, 2023
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How to repair a water damaged phone

From serving as a communication portal to providing entertainment, our phones have become integral to our lives today. However, mishaps and damages are inevitable when you own a phone. Especially water-related accidents – be it dropping it into toilets, pools, or sinks. You’re not alone if you’re searching for ways to repair a water-damaged phone. This blog will shed light on salvaging your precious device from water damage.

First Step Is First: Assess The Water Damage To Your Phone

The most important step before repair is evaluating how severe the damage is. When assessing the damage, ensure that you determine the following information–

  • How long was the phone immersed in the water?
  • The type of water it got immersed in (tap water, salt water, chlorine water).
  • Whether you turned on or off the phone during exposure to water.
  • Whether the water has accumulated inside the phone (like under the screen).

When assessing your phone’s water damage, it is important to remember that you might encounter certain limitations. Moreover, you may need the right knowledge and proper tools to deal with such damages. That’s why seeking professional help for water-damaged phones is the best option.

What Are The Signs Of Water Damage To Your Phone?

Detecting the signs of water damage early can help you take quick action in salvaging your phone. Here are some common signs that indicate that your phone has water damage–

  • The screen flickers displays unusual colors or does not respond to touch
  • The battery drains faster than usual or fails to hold the charge properly
  • Your phone’s speakers generate distorted or muffled sounds
  • Your phone heats up quickly
  • You encounter frequent glitches or freezes when using your phone
  • Your phone’s internal parts, like the circuit board and battery, are covered in rust
  • Distorted edges or buttons on the phone
  • Your phone doesn’t function at all

How To Dry A Water-Damaged Phone?

Follow these steps to dry a water-damaged phone thoroughly–

  • First, turn off your phone
  • Dry it gently using a soft and absorbing cloth
  • With the lighting port facing downwards, tap your phone gently to let excess water out
  • Put your phone in a well-ventilated room for 5 hours, then turn it back on

Try these steps if the previous one didn’t work!–

  • Switch off your phone after removing it from the water
  • Use an absorbing cloth to dry your phone’s exterior
  • Put your phone inside a large container
  • Fill the container with the silica gel beads and seal it
  • Let your phone dry in the container for about 72 hours
  • Take out your phone after that and try switching it on

Things To Avoid When Drying Your Phone Damaged From Water

It is important to be cautious while attempting to dry your water-damaged phone. Avoid the following things in the drying process–

  • Using Heat: Do not use hair dryers and microwave ovens to dry the phone. These appliances produce excessive heat and will damage sensitive internal parts like the battery and circuit board.
  • Shaking The Phone: Do not violently shake your phone to remove water. Doing so can push the water further inside the device.
  • Continuously Pressing Buttons: Do not press repeatedly in an attempt to turn on the phone. Doing so can lead to further damage, like short circuits.
  • Charging The Phone: Wait until you’re completely sure it is dry. Charging a wet phone has various consequences, like a damaged charging port and short circuits.
  • Rushing The Drying Process: Do not ignore the drying time. Rushing the drying process may cause irreversible damage to your phone.

Steps To Repair A Water-Damaged Phone 

After successfully drying your phone, follow these steps to repair your water-damaged phone–

Step 1: Disassemble Your Phone

Carefully disassemble your phone parts like the battery, sim card, and other removable components. It is important to be extra cautious while taking apart your phone so that you don’t cause further damage to the phone parts.

Step 2: Absorb Excess Moisture From The Phone

After removing the phone components, pat them dry with a soft, absorbent cloth. Be gentle and focus on drying out the nooks, ports, and buttons. There might still be some water that got trapped in these places.

Step 3: Clean The Phone

Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush to remove any residue and mineral deposits left from the water exposure. Ensure that the alcohol has a concentration of at least 90% for the cleaning to be effective.

Step 4: Allow Sufficient Drying Time

Let your phone dry in a bag of silica gel packets. While checking if your phone has started working can be tempting, allowing it to dry completely is important. You must wait at least 24 to 48 hours before reassembling your phone.

Step 5: Reassemble Your Phone

After waiting at least a day or two, carefully reassemble your phone. Ensure that all the parts are secure and properly placed.

Step 6: Test Your Phone

Charge your phone and try turning it on. Remember to check all its functions, like display, sound, camera, and connectivity.

Signs That You Need Professional Help To Fix Your Water-Damaged Phone

You still need to fix your phone even after following the above steps. The issues that arise from water damage are unpredictable. Hence, prepare yourself for any potential issues. Here are some common signs that indicate you need professional help to fix your water-damaged phone–

  • Battery Damage: First, you must assess your phone’s battery damage. If your battery is removable, shut down your phone and take out the battery from the back. While evaluating the battery, look for a white patch and a red pattern. The water did not get into the battery if the colors and design were intact. However, if you come across pink traces, it means that the presence of moisture led to the red and white colors mixing.

Note: If your phone has an inbuilt battery, you might have to contact a professional to avoid damage to the phone components.

  • Damaged Ports: Another sign you may require professional repair is if your phone ports are damaged. To assess damages, check all the openings on your phone, including the charging port, headphone jack, and memory card slot. Look out for rust, corrosion, or wiggling when you plug it in. If you come across these signs, your phone likely needs professional repair.
  • Distorted Edges And Buttons: If you come across any warping signs or distorted edges on your phone, you might need to access professional repair as soon as possible. When you turn it on, you may also experience a bleeding display on your phone screen.
  • Moisture Under The Screen: After taking your phone out from the water, look for visible signs of water or water marks under the screen. If you encounter any, immediately take your phone to a professional phone repair service provider.
  • Activated Liquid Contact Indicator: If you own an iPhone, take out the sim card tray and check the slot. If you see a patch of red color, that means your phone has water damage. Remember, when the Liquid Contact Indicator gets activated on your phone, you will see red patches instead of white or silver color.

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Dealing with water damage on your phone can be upsetting. However, you can improve the possibility of your phone repair with prompt action and the right steps. If you have a water-damaged phone, remember to evaluate the damage properly and follow the instructions in this blog to dry out your phone. If you still are waiting to see expected results or face persistent problems, feel free to seek professional help. With the right support and patience, your damaged phone is salvageable.

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