9 Tips To Extend An iPhone’s Battery Life

August 1, 2023
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9 tips to extend iphone battery life

With its amazing functions and features, the iPhone has transformed how we work and communicate today. However, a common challenge many iPhone users face is problems with its battery life. If you’re experiencing an unusually fast drain of your iPhone battery, you’re not alone. In this blog, we shall learn about the iPhone battery life – from recognizing issues to checking performance to prolonging battery life. Let’s dig in!

What Is The Average iPhone Battery Life?

The average iPhone battery lasts 10 to 17 hours after a full charge. Various factors impact the battery life, like – screen brightness, unnecessary application usage, and network connectivity. Remember that the battery life varies according to newer technology advancements and hardware optimization. The newer iPhones have better battery performance than the older ones. They tend to have more efficient processors that provide better power management.

Regardless of the progress in battery technology, there is only a finite number of times your phone can complete the charging process. Your battery can complete 400-500 full charges. After that, you will only get 80% of the charge when your phone is brand new.

How To Know When Your iPhone Battery Is Not Working Efficiently?

Here are some signs that indicate that your iPhone battery is not working efficiently–

  • Rapid Battery Drain: If your battery decreases abnormally faster with even little usage, there might be issues with your battery. While batteries degrade and age with time, a sudden drop in battery life signals that your battery is not working efficiently.
  • Unexpected Shutdowns: Your battery may have issues if your phone shuts down out of nowhere, even with some charge remaining. If your phone shuts down frequently, your battery struggles to deliver stable and consistent power.
  • Excessive Charging Times: If your iPhone takes considerable time to charge fully, your battery may have degraded. While it may take a long time to charge, your phone won’t be able to retain it properly if the battery is weak.
  • Device Overheating: If your iPhone generates excessive heat during usage and charging, it indicates a battery inefficiency. While it is normal for your phone to warm up slightly during intensive tasks, it’s not normal to overheat during minimal use.

Where To Check Battery Performance In iPhone Device?

Follow these steps to check the battery performance on your iPhone–

  • Go to “Settings” and click “Battery.”
  • Then tap battery health and charging.
  • Your phone displays “Maximum Capacity” and “Peak Performance.”

Note: “Maximum Capacity” shows the current health of your battery.

“Peak Performance” shows the battery capacity compared to when it was new.

Here are some important messages not to ignore when checking your iPhone’s battery health:

  • “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded…”
  • “Unable to verify this iPhone…”
  • “…unable to determine battery health…”

These messages mean that the battery of your iPhone only has 80% or below capacity to hold off the charge, and it needs replacement ASAP!

9 Tips To Extend iPhone Battery Life

Here are some tips on how you can prolong your iPhone’s battery life–

Tip 1: Enable Low Power Mode

The low-power mode optimizes your battery by limiting background application usage, like automatic downloads and email fetching. It also temporarily reduces performance and can extend the battery when running low. To enable this feature, go to:

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

Tip 2: Manage Background App Refresh

The background app refresh feature helps prevent background apps from consuming the battery. This feature is great for toning down background activity on rarely used apps. You can access this feature by going to:

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Tip 3: Minimize Push Notifications And Fetch Settings

Your battery will drain if you receive push notifications for all your apps. You can extend your phone’s battery by reducing notifications for non-essential apps. Similarly, you can save battery by managing the fetch settings on your email accounts. Your phone will reduce the frequency of checking for new emails. Remember, by configuring the fetch settings, you can only see a new email when you open the email app.

Tip 4: Reduce Screen Timeout

With a shorter screen timeout, you can save your iPhone’s battery to a certain extent. To reduce your screen’s timeout, go to:

Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock

Then, choose a shorter interval, ideally 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Tip 5: Disable Unnecessary Location Services

Enabling location services when not in use can cause a significant drop in the battery by relying on GPS and other sensors. To turn off the location services for apps that don’t require it, go to:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Tip 6: Limit Background App Activity

Even when not in use, certain apps keep running in the background and consume your battery. Disable the background app refresh feature for apps without constant updates. You can also limit background activity by closing unused apps from the app switcher.

Tip 7: Turn off WIFI, Bluetooth, And Airdrop When You’re Not Using It!

If you are used to leaving your wifi, Bluetooth, or airdrop on, your battery will run out quickly. It will cause you to charge your phone repeatedly, which could degrade your battery’s performance over time.

Tip 8: Optimize Battery Usage In Settings

The “Optimized Battery Charging” feature is available on all iPhones running iOS 13 or versions later than that. This feature reduces the time your iPhone spends charged to 100% and helps minimize battery aging. To enable this optimized battery charging, go to:

Settings > Battery > Battery Health

Tip 9: Adjust Screen Brightness

Do you like to set the brightness of your phone to the maximum? Well, it’s one of the innocent ways you’re draining your iPhone’s battery power. To make changes to the brightness levels, do it manually or go to:

Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-brightness

What To Do If Your iPhone Battery Stops Working?

If your iPhone battery stops working, use these tips–

Tip 1: Try Restarting Your Device

Turn off your phone first if it still has a 5% battery but won’t turn on or charge. Then, turn it back on after a minute. Finally, charge your phone for at least thirty minutes to check if it starts working properly!

Tip 2: Inspect Your USB Cable and Charger

If your phone fails to charge after the restart, carefully inspect your USB charger and cable. Stop using the charger immediately if you notice signs of damage, like bent or frayed wire or bent prongs. You will need to replace the charger.

Tip 3: Update Your iOS

Not updating your iOS can also lead to battery problems on your phone. You can check for updates go to:

Settings > General > Software Update

Then install the recent software update if available. After the update, try charging your phone again for half an hour.

Tip 4: Conduct A Factory Reset

If none of the tips above work, you might have to perform a factory reset on your phone. Before doing so, backup your phone data, as the reset will delete everything. This reset will return all your settings to factory default. If your phone works, you will have to readjust your preferences.

Contact 911 Phone Repair For Any iPhone Battery- Related Issues

If nothing works, let us help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 911 phone repair if your iPhone exhibits any battery-related symptoms. We can assure you of receiving top-notch service because we have been fixing Apple goods for more than three decades. We offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries and their replacement to ensure you maintain quality. Ready to bid farewell to your iPhone’s battery problems? Contact us today and get a free consultation and price quote!


Overall, being aware of these nine tips can help you extend the battery life of your iPhone. Moreover, your daily life will be less disruptive as your phone will serve you well throughout your day. Every small step can help make a huge difference, from using low-power mode to turning off unnecessary functions. Remember to use these smart battery-saving habits to maximize your iPhone’s battery life!

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